We commission independent artists to develop unique designed lettering so that we can provide you with something truly unique and very special!

  • Graffiti Kings - the world's best professional graffiti artists, developed, well - a graffiti letter range just for us

  • Rachael Noon, from Hampshire, developed the fantastical fantasy letters

  • Winchester School of Art student, Eleanor Man designed a Kookie Kids typography script that's quirky and fun!

Prices for complete gifts start from


  • £35 for an A4 sized box canvas [12x8 inch approximately]

  • £30 for a desk plaque 30x12 cm

  • £12 for 10fl oz mugs

NB P+P is charged dependent on the size of the item - usually £3.95 for a mug; £5 for canvas up to 16" dimensions





If you just want us to produce a name from one of our exclusive ranges [e.g. if you have a product you'd like to put your name to but we don't offer yet], just let us know!


We can assemble the name you requre as a high-resolution image sent to you via e-mail for you to do with as you wish!


Charges for this service are


  • £10 per name up to 6 letters

  • 50p per additional letter

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